The Adventures of Asjhic R'wati Maratha

Part 3 - Horizons

Sollus 1st, 1506TH

I got up today, weary from the events of the night before. Evidently, I stumbled into the dining room below while still not in full control of my faculties, and ordered drinks for everybody. While it appears (by the headache that took my head for its temporary home) that I have drank heavily myself, the occurring loss of a considerable amount of silver is best explained by a large crowd that gathered there that night. Kilgar tells me that, semi-conscious, I ordered drinks for everyone. It must have been a fine celebration indeed… I just wish I remembered anything!

Polwex took a look at the dragon statuette, and decided that we should go to the wizard Hiermon. Our visit, however, proved fruitless. The old guy said he will examine the statuette for a week or so, because it seemed "more than just a t'skrang trinket" to his oh-so-learned highness. Bah! My people all along the Shivoam sell these "trinkets" to the humans and the dwarves for considerable sums of silver, without them being anything "more". The t'skrangs' skill for making art and money just makes the other races green with envy as they treat our unsurpassed sculptures with such disrespect. As we were leaving, we have met Shakiram, who was training for the next circle with the old geezer. Well, if he's an elementalist as well, maybe he does know a thing or two about such items, but I would eat my tail if he knows the first thing about the artistic genius needed to create them.

Sollus 2nd, 1506TH

I have met this Arfalia again, and paid her the silver that I promised to – it turned out to be only two coins, but a deal's a deal anyway. I also happened to come upon some ork Named Lynira, I think, which treated me with utter disrespect when she heard that I do not have more than a hundred silver to pay for my training to the next circle. And this is after I bought her lunch! Haven is filled with thieving scoundrels and conniving bastards that would not give you the time of day for free. Archania, however, was courteous enough and agreed to teach me for a hundred and fifty silver coins, a sum that I was easily able to procure with the help of my friends. The training starts tomorrow – and it looks like it's not going to be easy progress – I'd venture to say, with all due respect, that this fine orkish dame was cursed with what we call "Warrior's Tongue".

Sollus 3rd, 1506TH

Archiana is just like I thought she would be – sharp sword and dull wits. But she sure does her Three-step Blade-dance like nobody else!

Sollus 6th, 1506TH

We went back to Hiermon today to hear him tell us that the statuette is actually a kind of a container, and it appears that something else might be within. Despite my vehement protests, they have decided to break it and see what this thing is. I went outside, not to witness the terrible display of barbarism that was about to ensue, when suddenly an explosion shook Hiermon's study and fire erupted from the doorway, singeing my crest. I leaped inside and reached for the statue, which was on fire! It whirred and whizzed and sputtered flame all around, but we managed to close the hole Polwex made in it, and Hiermon sealed it (most anesthetically) with a spell. We then put the fire out in the room. It seems that the small blue dragon had some breath left in it yet – a few kernels of elemental fire, an expensive yet dangerous substance. We decided to wait and see until we find some use for it. Shakiram and Polwex started talking excitedly about enchanting items, while I just gazed at the pitiful wreck of a beautiful thing. I have to find someone who knows how to sculpt such things, and pay him to fix its twisted form… But meanwhile, I shall have to practice my new talents…

Sollus 8th, 1506TH

Just a few days and my tail can barely hold me. This woman is relentless! Speaking of which, I have met the extremely attractive Sekra yesterday, as I returned from my daily torture… I mean training. She is a troubadour from an adventuring group that call themselves The Whistlers, who were recently to an area in southern Parlainth called the Twists and were rumored to find a fortune there. Unfortunately, they could not gather it all, for they were beset by a terrible horror and had to retreat to Haven. She told me that they would be heading back there in a month or so. During our conversation, she told me that she knows how to make elemental water toys, similar to the statuette! Naturally, I told her about it and we went up to my room to see whether she can fix it or not. When she told me she can, my joy was so endless that I simply forgot myself… We spent a passionate night together that the furniture will never forget. When I woke up, Sekra pulled quite a stunt on me with a fake letter telling of her deceit and treachery, but as I was nearing tears, she jumped me from behind, smothering me with kisses. She is truly a fiery one!

Sollus 10th, 1506TH

I have spoken at length with Kar and Polwex. We are about to leave Haven and head for Cherrypit, to find the grave of some dwarf which might contain the information needed to activate the magical power of Kar's dagger. I broke the news to Sekra – this made her quite upset, but I assured her that the journey will not take more than two weeks both ways, and that we will still see each other before she will have to go back into the Twists with her friends. We will set out tomorrow with first light. Until then, I shall give the insatiable one something to remember me by…

Sollus 13th, 1506TH

While passing through some woods, we were attacked by an evil obsidiman-like creature, which turned out to be a replica of the one Vor had freed in Parlainth. Though it stroke Kar down with one mighty blow, I have turned his second attack back upon him with the fine sword Kilgar gave me. As he was reeling from the blow, I struck him again and Polwex's spell simply evaporated him! Polwex swears that there is something unnatural about it – his spells are not that powerful just yet, and the thing was exactly like the one we have already slain! This seems unnatural and ominous. We'd better tell the others as soon as we return.

Sollus 17th, 1506TH

After passing Ilfarian's grave, we have reached Cherrypit. The leader, Ahola (________???) greeted us with open arms and a wide heart. It seems that the corn crops are plentiful and the village is prospering. Some of the girls are even guided by Astendar to having love affairs with the young men of Yellowspring. It seems that things are peaceful and prosperous. We spent the night there, got fresh supplies, bade them farewell and went southward, on our three-day journey to the dwarf's burial mound under a single willow in the vast grassland. But not a few hours had passed, and we have met two young females, a woman and a dwarf, from the neighbouring Yellowspring. We could not refuse their hospitality, and spent a day in their village as well. Rhamduc was quite content to see me, more than he was when I have last seen him, but his son was sour-faced and silent all the time, glancing at us in a most unfriendly manner. After dinner we went to rest for a while, Polwex going to the woods with one of the village's girls (the bright-haired beauty we have met on the road, actually – lucky bastard…), and Kar just disappeared, as windlings wont to do. But when morning came, we have all met after a good night's sleep (though Polwex looked strangely tired) and with a supply of fresh corn and blessings from the villagers, set to the south.

Sollus 20th, 1506TH

We have found the dwarf, or rather he found us. While looking for his grave, Kar was nearly strangled to death by a cadaver man that leapt from the ground. Before I could even say "shusta", he plunged back into the hole that he came from, slain by Polwex's mind-blasting spell and Kar's swift claws. On his remains we have found several fragments of an adept's diary, among which Kar managed to find out the dagger's Name. The dead dwarf's Name was Bor, and his weaponsmith friend apparently had a joke at his expense when he Named the weapon Bork. Nonetheless, the blade seems to have enchantments woven into its pattern, which now we have access to. We shall be heading back to Haven now to meet our friends. Shakiram should have finished his training by the time we get back, Kilgar would have already have my ancestral blade reforged and improved, and Sekra is probably already only two week's time away from finishing her design for me. At least I have her own little dolphin figurine to keep some of my wetness and help me remember her in this all-too-dry land.

Sollus 22nd, 1506TH

I have re-read the last entry, and something funny had occurred to me. I don't recall giving Sekra anything, not even one of my fishhook earrings, like the one I gave to Kes. Kes. The beautiful Kesjo'in, (_________???) probably still waiting for me on the vast Shivoam, so far away that even the wind cannot send her whispers of love to my treacherous ears. I have never pledged undying love to her – I shall pledge it to nobody but the right one, when our paths shall cross – but still I feel the venomous pangs of conscience gnawing at my heart. She does not deserve such a cheating, weak-willed scoundrel as I have become. I will always remember her fondly. I shall pray to Astendar every night to send her a true loving t'skrang rather than a charming fool, and to Mynbruje to comfort me in my distress and help her see the truth.

I long for the moment I shall see Sekra again. Oh Astendar, why do you come to me so???

Sollus 24th, 1506TH

We are back in Haven. The Whistlers had entered Parlainth sooner than Sekra told me they would, and there were no news from them since they left for the Twists three days ago.