The Adventures of Asjhic R'wati Maratha

Part 5 - The Penniless

Sollus 25th, 1506TH

I returned to my friends with twofold bad news. The Whistlers had entered Parlainth sooner than Sekra told me they would, and there were no news from them since they left for the Twists three days ago. They worry about us being really broke now, with a few thousands' worth of silver in debts to half of Haven but I worry more about my ravishing Sekra. It's true the last time her group went into the Twists, they were in there for a couple of weeks, so apparently there is no need to worry yet I feel that something has gone terribly wrong this time. They seemed too confident, if that is at all possible, and since I have heard they have confronted a Horror, and now that I know how their evil kin can trick and deceive others, I cannot help but truly fear for her and her companions' lives.