The Adventures of Asjhic

The following manuscript contains an account of some of the deeds of theT'skrang Swordmaster Asjhic R'wati of the Maratha niall of House Syrtis. Though by no means comprehensive, it still elucidates some of the valiant Swordmaster's exploits in the early stage of his turbulent and dangerous life. The excrept, though humble, describes vividly his courageous companions, The Crystal Spikes, and brings to light the wonderful yet perilous life of an adventuring Adept. Some readers might claim that a few parts in the journal could not possibly have happened, but things far more miraculous came to pass in Barsaive, and from personal acquaintance with some of the Namegivers involved, I have no reason to doubt the veracity of his tale. Therefore, I present you with the document as it was written by Asjhic himself. Amatla Shivoam Gana'i, dear friend.

-- Chiar'gak Hurlglover, Master Storyteller of the Ork Nation