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        The master of deceit, the lurker in the shadows. (up to 15th circle)


        from the pits of Thera comes force incarnate. (up to 10th circle)


        "The path of virtue is a stony one, my sons"
            - Archbishop Saramus beginning his traditional welcome speech.


        "My life is my honor, my honor is my life"
            - From the Bushido.


        "Pirate, Buccaneer or Corsair I don't care how 'ya call me, just gimme my part of the booty!"
            - Conversation observed at the dry docks in Urupa

      Elemental Miner,

        "I honor the elements,
        although I believe we have earned our share of them, this is what I take"

            - Chirion Kroon, Dwarven Elemental Miner


        "Hiho, wanna come to our performance to day? Why not, I'm performaing my world-famous swallow the sword stunt"


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