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"Welcome hero, what are you looking for, a charm to protect you from the horrors, a herb to cure your stomach aches or a potion to impress that special lady right beside you?"

Ethan, show my new friends around and don't forget the ...
Fleet Feet Charm Crystal Claws Spirit Stones
or those wonderful potions, we made, like ...
Eagle's Brew Sip of Heat Bandersnatch Oil


    Fleet Feet charm
    Ethan: "This will greatly enhance your running speed for a short time, allowing you to overtake a falcon in mid flight". The charm is fashioned from the finest silver found in the throalic mountains and the hair of a cheetah the fastest animal known It can be yours for only 100 silver pieces - what a steal!
    Attach it to your leg and whoosh ... nobody's gonna catch up!"
    [Game Stats]
    [Cost: 100sp || Blood Damage: 1 pt. || Difficulty no. to craft: 12 || Availability: uncommon]
    [Effect: Sprint Rk. 6 for 6 rds. (one minute)]

    Crystal Claws
    "... or maybe this one, although it will require you to spend a day or two with Mestoph, the Nethermancer, claws made from living crystal. You can extract them with the flex of this muscle, a powerful weapon which no one can take from you! Look - feel, the smoothness of the crystal and imagine the face of the brigand when you ram it in his foul guts. *G*"
    We sell it for the ultra-low price of only 350 silvers, what do you say - do we have a deal?
    [Game Stats]
    [Cost: 320sp || Blood Damage: 3pts. || Difficulty no. to craft: 14 || Availability: rare]
    [Effect: Retractable claws on one hand, they are embedded in the forearm and require some surgery. The claws do STR+4 (5 for the large races, 1 for windlings) damage, which cannot be increased by forge blade. To notice the weapon a Per or Detect Weapon (SD+3) test is required. The claws may be poisoned, although contact poisons may have a slightly negative effect on the health of the claw's wielder ;-]

    Spirit Stones
    "... yes you're right, these gems look strange, in fact you can only wear them on top of your heart and of course only one of them at a time, but they're incredibly powerful - a spirit is entrapped in this beautiful work of art! From that what Mestoph told me about spirits you can use all powers the spirit possesses by attaching the charm, but it ain't without risk he told me too...
    "No no, we didn't make them, we bought half a dozen or so from a brave hero, who in turn found them in the ruins of Parlainth"
    [Game Stats]
    [Cost: 750-1.800sp || Blood Damage: 4pts.+Spirit Strength rating || Difficulty no. to craft: 8+Spirits Spell Defense || Availability: very rare]
    [Effect: consult pages 47-49 of the Magic (MoMS) Sourcebook for the effects of spirit trapping. Every use of a spirit power causes the spirit to engage in a contest of will and costs one point of strain. All bound spirits are ally spirits and posses the following powers plus additional powers depending on the spirits strength rating: Aid Summoner, Astral Sight 9, Empathic Sense 8, Lifesense 9, none of the spirits can manifest. Since all charms have been fashioned in Thera and in particular Parlainth, some of the ally spirits may have become tainted and posses certain horror powers and curses. --wicked--]

    Potions sold right here !!

    Ethan: "Ah, I see you don't want to taint your body with eerie magic, very wise from you!"

    Eagle's Brew
    "Can you see that tree, yes of course it's less than 100 yards away, can you tell me how many apples are on it? No? You didn't even know it was an apple tree, well have I got good news for you - here's a wonderful potion, which enhances your eyesight way beyond normal, simply incredible - I tried it once and was able to read my spellbook from a distance of more than 50 feet and if you'd know my handwriting you know that this is an incredible feat!!"
    [Game Stats]
    [Cost: 50sp || Difficulty no. to brew: 8, Per-based half-magic, for Scouts and Archers || Availability: common]
    [Effect: The imbiber's eyesight sharpens to an unnatural level, he gains a three step bonus to all perception tests for 6hrs. and the visibility ranges are quadrupled for him, during this time his eyes shine slightly blue, unfortunately this might give away his position after dark]

    Sip of Heat
    "This one you ask? You won't need it here, but maybe if you plan to travel in the caucavic mountains, where the temperatures are so low, that even the weapon oil begins to freeze, it'll keep you warm. NEVER use it in the desert!!"
    [Game Stats]
    [Cost: 40-80sp (depending on the climate) || Difficulty no. to brew: 7 || Availability: (un-)common, again depending on the climate]
    [Effect: The brew warms the user from inside and allows him or her to act in an environment as if it were 30 degrees (Celsius), warmer than normal. The effect of the Sip of Heat lasts for one full day, during which the user must consume three times the normal amount of food and drink or suffer one point of strain every eight hours. Use of this potion might be unwise in desert or jungle climate, you'll suffer a heatstroke shortly after imbibing the potion.]

    Bandersnatch Oil
    "Yeah, you know the problem, wanna ambush your enemy, but where do you hide a 9 feet troll? This one solves your problem, it has the same effect as the infamous Earth Blend spell, maybe you wanna talk to your windling friend there, he can surely tell you the exact effect."
    "Oh, I forgot something never use it on a human, no it' not poisonous, but you won't hide either!"
    [Game Stats]
    [Cost: 200sp || Difficulty no. to brew: 14 || Availability: rare]
    [Effect: The user gains the ability to blend with the surroundings, as if under the effect of an Earth Blend spell with an effect step of 20. The spell is dispelled when the character moves and functions in any surroundings, except water. This effect lasts for 1d20+1d6 minutes. Humans are totally unaffected by the use of this potion and will turn bright orange for three minutes, they are however not immune to its effect, unless they defeat the target number. --called quirk of nature--]

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