Gorgon - title

DEX: 9 STR: 12 TOU: 14
PER: 5 WIL: 9 CHA: 4

Initiative: 12 Physical Defense: 14
# of Attacks: 1 Spell Defense: 14
Attack: 15 Social Defense: 8
      Damage: 19 (24 charging) Armor: 12 (14/10/8/8)
# of Spells: 1 Mystic Armor: 8
Spellcasting: 16 Knockdown: 17
      Effect: see below Recovery Tests: 4
Death Rating: 80 Combat Move: 50
Wound Threshold: 16 Full Move: 80
Unc. Rating: 70

Powers: Acidic Slime - 3.

Legend Points: 2,500
Equipment: None
Loot: The horns are worth 300 to 600sp (1d4*100+200sp) depending on their condition and size, this counts as treasure worth legend points.

      A Gorgon might appear as a large bull from a (long) distance, but a closer look will reveal that it is unlikely that a bull is covered with metal-like scales and leaves small acid-marred spots on the grass. Nevertheless Gorgons are animals and thus show little intelligence but an astounding hostility.
Gorgons are approx. 8 feet tall at should height and can weigh well over 2000 lbs.
In combat Gorgons usually attack with their horns, which are continually dripping acidic slime, but may also try to trample up to four persons of at least 4 feet smaller height than they are (Dwarves and knocked down PC's - same damage as horn).

Acidic Slime:
Upon making a successful attack with their horns Gorgons may (and therefore will) make a spellcasting test against the opponent's Spell Defense (or the SD of the opponent's armor whichever is higher) if this test is successful it will smear some of the acidic slime covering its horns on the opponent's armor/body. The acid will start eating away the opponent's armor at a rate of step 3; roll the die and subtract that much from the opponent's armor ratings (Armor and Mystic Armor) each round. Should the armor value be reduced to zero, the acid will happily dissolve the opponent's flesh at a rate of step 6 per round. The effect last for only one minute (6rds) and can only be halted by pouring at least two gallons (about 8 liters) of water on the acid victim.

Our (Ole's and mine) Gorgons don't have a breath weapon which turns you into stone - lucky you!

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