gunjahad - title

At first came the locusts,
they ate our rye,
down to the last corn,
we killed many of them,
but never enough.

There is little food left,
except for their bodies,
they have the essence of evil,
you eat and you die.
It is the hunger,
we starve,
only to rise again...

Gunjahad in the Wastes

DEX: 18 STR: 12 TOU: 14
PER: 15 WIL: 19 CHA: 9

Initiative: 20 /+10 for the stinger Physical Defense: 20
# of Attacks: 5 (4*claws/stinger) Spell Defense: 15
Attack: 20 Social Defense: 21
      Damage: 4*16 / 20 + venom Armor: 18 (15/22/17/17)
# of Spells: 2 Mystic Armor: 10
Spellcasting: 18 Knockdown: 20
      Effect: see below Recovery Tests: 12
Death Rating: 225 Combat Move: 40 / 100 flying
Wound Threshold: 23 Full Move: 80 / 220 flying
Unc. Rating: 200

Karma Points: 40      Karma Step: 14

Powers: Animate Dead 14, Horror Mark 18, Forge Constructs (revised), Insect Horde, Terror 14, Venom 20.

Legend Points: 50.000
Equipment: none.
Loot: The crown may be cut from Gunjahad's head, after her departure from the living. This item should be treated as a both powerful and heavily tainted item. (Maybe I'll work the magic item out some time) Doing so is worth 10.000 legend points.

      Gunjahad, better known as the Lord of the Flies, is one of the most direct horrors in existence, as her presence becomes clearly evident from the vast destruction she causes.
Gunjahad is a large horror, standing nearly twenty feet at her shoulder and reaching a length of more than 60 feet without including the gigantic stinger which looms over her body. Although it will be difficult to get a good look at the horror, because she is always surrounded by a cloud of large locusts.
Gunjahad is almost always encountered in moderate climate, usually in the time immediately before the harvest. At this time her prey is most vulnerable.
She begins to build a lair in a nearby forest and starts laying her eggs, one after another, first all of a grayish-green color, and of a large size (~2'). Two or three days thereafter these eggs will begin to hatch, giving birth to two dozen small Black Mantis, her personal line of defense, the soldiers of her hive. (For a description of the Black Mantis see in the Parlainth Sourcebook)
Thereafter she sends half of them away to nearby farms to harvest sentient flesh for her sustenance,indeed her only method to accumulate karma points is to consume the fleas of namegivers. Instilled with new power she lays more eggs, much smaller this time and in vast numbers. These are the eggs of her horde, numbering thousands and seemingly unstoppable! In their craving hunger, they will descend upon flora and fauna alike. It is only a matter of time until every last leaf is eaten, every corn of rye destroyed and the harvest ruined.

The adventure plot is so obvious that I think it's unnecessary to point it out.

New Powers :

    Forge Constructs : Gunjahad does not need a namegiver of a suitable size to form a construct, she simply lays eggs, which will hatch into her new construct. Her power is however limited in two ways, first she can only create insectoid construct, limiting her selection very much (practically to the Black Mantis and the Blood Bee). Note that a Jehuthra is an arachnid and arachnids and insects don't mix well. The second limitation is that she has to invest Karma for each of her constructs, one point for each ten full points of the constructs Death Rating.

    Insect Horde : Gunjahad is always accompanied by a few hundred locusts, approx. the size of a trolls hand (I won't give any statistics), with this power she can again invest Karma to bear malicious offspring, but this time one point of Karma results in one hundred eggs, which will hatch in a two days time.
    Eating the flesh of such a locust allows Gunjahad to make a spell casting test against the victim, if successful she can take over the mind of the victim for one hour per success level above poor. Victims of this power tend to have slightly cannibalistic tendencies, as mentioned before Gunjahad draws sustenance from namegiver flesh, but she doesn't have to consume it directly ...

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