Malac Rifle - title

      Submitted by an unknown Submitter

    Cost: GM's choice (probably high)
    Damage Step: see below
    Str Min: 17
    Weight: 20 lbs.
    Size: 6
    Ranges (S/M/L in yards): 0-20 / 21-60 / 61-100
    Use: Inflicting harm
    Availability: nearly unique

Malac rifle is a very rare ranged weapon invented by dwarf mage Barkul Gurbad. It consists of bulky, about 3 inch in diameter barrel, long wooden butt and three containers. First is a clip of heavy metal bullets, second is a filled with fire essence. Third container holds grey dust, called by its inventor, Barkul, malac. It is only known that malac consists both fire and earth essences and rare minerals, mined from deepest caverns near Sea of Death. Rifle can shoot metal balls when both fire and malac containers are opened. Mixing their contents gives powerful internal explosion. Usage of fire essence resembles t'skrangs' fire cannons.Of course no strength steps of user are added to value listed above. Second option is to open containers without using metal ball. In this case, 3 meters long and 1m in diameter cone of fire explodes from the barrel. Fire inflicts 10 steps of damage upon everyone within range. Victims can try to evade blast of fire. Initiative test against value of 7 is required. Success means half of the damage. If victim succeeded extraordinary, no damage is inflicted. Every time you use this option there is 3 to 10 chance of explosion, which inflicts 20 steps of damage to the unfortunate user and 10 steps in 5 meters radius. Please note that there are only 2 or three malac rifle and only very few pupils of late Barkul know how to prepare rounds for this bizarre weapon.

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