Multi-blowgun - title

    Submitted by: Brent Chambers

    Cost: 35 sp
    Damage Step: 3 (see below)
    Str Min: 6
    Weight: 3 lbs.
    Size: 2
    Ranges (S/M/L in yards): 2-20 / 21-40 / 41-60
    Use: Guerilla warfare
    Availability: rare

The multi-blowgun consists of three barrels usually about a foot long. They are designed for use in guerrilla warfare and are easily concealable. Mainly used by windlings and thieves.
The weapon does only step 2 damage upon a hit, but the darts are usually coated with "exotic" substances. For the purpose of armor penetration consider the multi-blowgun to have a damage step of 3 plus the wielder's strength step.

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