Ninja-to - title

    Submitted by: T. Oksala

    Cost: 150++
    Damage Step: 4 or 5
    Str Min: 10
    Weight: 3
    Size: 3
    Use: Assassinations
    Availability: very rare

A ninja-to is ninja (asian assassin) weapon. The ninja-to does 4 step+str damage when used single handedly and 5 step+str when used with two hands. Only master weaponsmiths can forge this kind of weapon (usually 5th circle or better) and even then forging one will cause them to lose honor, therefore only very few ninja-to's are known to exist. A ninja-to's blade is very sharp and if an attack is made against an opponent clad in leather,padded cloth... the attacker may add +1 to the damage step. A ninja-to's scabbard can be used as a blowgun and can also been used as a snorkel should the character be under-water.

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