O-Yori - title

    Armor: 8
    Hit Locations (if used)
    Mystic Armor: 0
    Weight: 45 lbs.
    Initiative Penalty: 3
    Cost (sp): 5.000 (minimum honor pts. 8,900)
    Material: Lacquered wood and steel.
    Availability: uncommon in oriental lands, unknown in Barsaive

Description: O-Yori is the traditional Japanese full plate armor, everybody has surely seen one in a museum or on the net (or in the AD&D Oriental Adventures book :-). It consists of a series of lacquered (varnished) steel and wood layers and is known for it's flexibility and great resilience. O-Yori almost always comes with a helmet of the same design, which provides an armor rating of 6 (+2 for the O-Yori for a total of 8 pts. of armor on the head).

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