Jal er Or - title

    sperethiel: Skin of Oak

    Armor: 5
    Hit Locations (if used)
    Mystic Armor: 3
    Weight: 30
    Initiative Penalty: 1
    Cost (sp): na (given as a gift)
    Material: Oakwood
    Availability: very rare

Much like Fernweave armor, Oakskin armor is alive and needs to be watered every three days (using from one to three gallons of water depending on the time interval). If going without water for more than 3 days the armor first loses it's mystic armor bonus and, after one whole week without water, the armor ratings are halved.
The armor is very rare and always fitted to suit one wearer, although the armor will grow to fit to another wearer after a year and a day (a character wearing armor not suited for his size and build suffers a one step dex penalty).
Traditional elven tribes often offer this armor as a special gifts to heroes for services rendered and deeds given.
The most striking effect of Oakskin is the fact that the armor quickly dies if the wearer is tainted by the influence of a horror, so wearing Oakskin is a sign of purity amongst elves, allowing the wearer to add one step to all interaction tests vs. elves, which honor the traditional ways.
Oakskin has no special weakness vs. fire and has the ability to regenerate damage suffered.

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