Black Pegasus - title

      basic idea by Ole Kjaer
DEX: 11 STR: 10 TOU: 8
PER: 8 WIL: 8 CHA: 7

Initiative: 10 Physical Defense: 11 Black Pegasus - attack mode
# of Attacks: 1 Spell Defense: 12
Attack: 10 Social Defense: 8
      Damage: 14 Armor: 4
# of Spells: NA Mystic Armor: 6
Spellcasting: NA Knockdown: 9
      Effect: NA Recovery Tests: 3
Death Rating: 67 Combat Move: 60 / 70 flying
Wound Threshold: 13 Full Move: 120 / 150 flying
Unc. Rating: 58

Carry: 300 lbs. flying / 500 lbs. on the ground (as STR 23)

Legend Points: 250
Equipment: None
Loot: From rider (if any)

      First off - the black pegasus is not evil. It's an animal of supreme (but animal) intelligence and as such may be trained and ridden like any normal horse.
Black pegasi do however show a hot temper and are at most times unwilling to carry a rider unless trained by a (real) beastmaster or forced by magical means. If forced or trained they can carry a rider and up to 50 pounds of equipment into the air (~300 lbs.) and approx. 500 lbs on ground without being encumbered. While they can still move on the ground while being encumbered they may not take off the ground.
A superbly trained black pegasus is worth up to 10,000sp, but is rarely, if ever sold.
Barding is rarely used on black pegasi, since this prohibits them from flying.

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