Skhal Rhun - title

DEX: 10 STR: 9 TOU: 13
PER: 19 WIL: 19 CHA: 16

Initiative: 12 Physical Defense: 15
# of Attacks: (1) Spell Defense: 20
Attack: 15 Social Defense: 19
      Damage: 21 Armor: 18 (9/21/15/16)
# of Spells: 4 Mystic Armor: 21
Spellcasting: 25 Knockdown: 15
      Effect: 28 (willforce) Recovery Tests: 5
Death Rating: 140 Combat Move: 43
Wound Threshold: 19 Full Move: 85
Unc. Rating: NA

Karma Points: 40       Karma Step: 10

Powers: Spells (Nethermancer-15; Wizard-9), 16 matrixes (normal/enhanced/armored/shared/spell matrix objects), Terror 20, Drain Life 28, Suppress Magic 15, Animate Dead 28, Unnatural Life 23.

Legend Points: 115,000

Equipment: Skhal Rhun carries a threaded bastard sword called Sar Sargoth, which will be detailed some time in the future. (The weapon has a damage step of 12 (2-handed). In addition to that he wears the (non-threaded) famous plate mail Glin-jarkath, which has been increased to the maximum by the master weaponsmith Glin and was "liberated" by Skhal Rhun.
Sometimes he wears the crown of Siil ki thorin which gives him the power of aura of awe vs. all undead creatures.
Loot: Skhal Rhun owns numerous threaded and precious items, like a wand of nethermancy, several potent potions and dozens of ancient tomes written in nepheric.

      Skhal Rhun is one of the most powerful named undead. Like many nethermancer's he had one big desire and goal in life: Immortality.Skhal Rhun - if you see this creepy ...  RUN As you might conclude he got what he desired most, although the price was very high indeed.
After he failed to conserve his body from spells alone, he chose to walk the path of unlife and gathered all of his followers to perform the final blood ritual which would make him immortal and still preserve his pattern. The flow of magic was so powerful that only six of his followers survived the ritual, the other 18 died and would later serve their master as withered ones. The other six chose to follow their master's path, but did not succeed completely - their "lifeforce" is now so closely linked to Skhal Rhun's, that should he be laid to rest, they would end their unlife too. (needless to say their morale is quite high)

Skhal Rhun looks like a normal skeleton, dressed in an ancient plate mail and brown rags. Hidden beneath the rags is his beloved sword Sar Sargoth. (the picture on the left is not exactly what I had in mind, but try to find a lich clad in plate mail wielding a sword) Closer inspection reveals however that he moves much to fast for a simple skeleton.

Skhal Rhun is one of the few undead which have neither succumbed to the madness of unlife nor the side of the horrors - his willpower was too strong even for some named horrors. In fact Skhal Rhun has slain several of them and keeps one worm skull safely stashed away in an astral cage for experiments dealing with the true nature of horrors.
Skhal Rhun relies on sentient lifeforce to survive therefore he controls a huge network of (living) agents throughout the continent, providing him with countless slaves he uses as food.

Although Skhal Rhun is evil and might run his own little schemes he is extremely unlikely to kill high circle adepts and prefers to manipulate them to aid his plans rather than kill them on the spot.
Adventurers who research his history might learn that he once had an encounter with a horror known as Taint, which nearly robbed him the power to use magic and anyone seeking to destroy this horror can be pretty sure to receive the aid (wanted or unwanted) of Skhal Rhun.

Skhal Rhun's goals remain a mystery, but some sages believe that he and his minions are looking forward to the day when a big war will shatter the kingdoms and give his undead army the chance to emerge from Rek-talar (The city of unlife) and walk the world of the living.

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