Zues Bolt - title

    Cost: 200sp
    Damage Step: 3 + 4 (see below)
    Str Min: 5
    Weight: 3
    Size: 3
    Ranges (S/M/L in yards): 2-15 / 16-40 / 41-75
    Availability: Rare

Description: The Zues bolt is a small spear (javelin) that is charged with elemental lightning at the tip of the spear. When this spear comes into contact with a grounded character roll an extra step 4 damage (the lightning die- blzzlzzli). If the Character is not prone to electricution then only the normal damage is used. The spear must be re-enchanted every 2 months (costing 75sp).
A poor success on the attack test means that either a) Mr. would-be-zues-bolt-user has touched the tip and get's the blues (lightning die) or b) Mr. would-be-zues-bolt-user has touched the steel part of the opponent's armor and also get's the blues. (BTW from (painful) experience I can say that high powered (e.g. 230V/35A) electrical shocks gives nice blisters between the toes and muscle cramping)

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