Elven mesh armor - title

    Armor: 6
    Hit Locations (if used)
    Mystic Armor: 4
    Weight: 15 lbs.
    Initiative Penalty: 0
    Cost (sp): NA (gift)
    Material: Mithrill if used, otherwise steel-silver-elemental air alloy
    Availability: ultra rare

Description: Like standard mesh armor, elven mesh is made from very small, thin, interlocking metal rings. In our campaign the armor is fashioned from mithrill, the mystic elven metal, but in a standard Earthdawn campaign the armor is usually crafted from an exotic alloy of steel, silver and true air kernels, requiring the cooperation of a very experienced weaponsmith and also an elementalist.
Therefore the armor is almost as smooth and pleasant to wear as a (heavy) silken robe, while still offering superb protection from mundane and mystic powers.
Like Oakskin this armor is never sold, only given away as a gift, in the case of elven mesh, the armor is so closely linked to it's wearer that it quickly rusts away a year and a day after the owners death.

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