Magic Shop - title

Welcome to my shop traveller, how may I serve you ?

Unknown Words of Power

    Well, you know - never play with fire
    (unless you have plenty of water at your command)
    " Help - we're surrounded by dragons !!"
    A fascinating experience if you survive your death.
    "Taking into account the relative amount of astral energy and the pattern resolution function from our venerable master Griklash, (nods to the right) as well as the theorem of discontinuation of our brilliant student Opok (nods to the left) we come have come to a brilliant solution."
    (audience: "Which, is...")
    Hmm, ah, one moment please, (searches frenetically in several scrolls) hmm, soso, well, sooo, we come to the solution, well to tell it straight we have found none. (gazes at the floor : end)

Strange Items of Magic


Mask of Molochus
    bet that your companions won't like this one.
Medallion of Lochost
    Questors out in full force, by Clay Burke.
Ashadaiéls Shield
    number one of the elven artifact trilogy.
    hunt those horrors !, by David Dankel.
Ashadaiéls Bow
    the first ranged weapon to make its appearance on the neXus.
Crystal Bows
    the hail of stone
    "Where fair is foul and foul is fair !"
Horn of the Ages
    from the depths of the ocean comes a magnificent instrument.
Derneir Ventcour
    a broadsword by Michael Cruea.
Obsidian Darts
    crude stonework by James Blanchard.
Statue of Cor Hantor
    burn baby, BURN.

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