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The author

Who I am.

I am called Ash and can be reached at <>.

The Past.

I once owned a printing business and would make my own character sheets for games that I ran (I mostly GM). As time went on and people began to see the character sheets I made I began to get requests from them. Some were people who just saw them at one convention or another, some were people who had gamed with me joining other groups and wanting to keep the forms I'd created.

Over time me and my printing business got a bit well know and I found myself fighting off a lawsuit from T$R. They claimed that I was a game manufacturer and that I was infringing on their registered trademark on the word "dragon".

For the record, I did not print gaming things or did my business relate to T$R's products in any way. My forms were a hobby, I got paid mainly for making listing flyers and postcards for realtors and such commercial stuff.

The present.

Eventually the suit from T$R went away and in time so did the business. Things were not going well and so I decided to get out, it was only a one-man operation, so no harm there, and go to what I found it far easier to get paid for. Now I am a System Administrator and doing far better for myself in both increasing income and decreasing stress.

The forms.

The forms are free and to protect them I've put them under GNU Copyleft. The basics of this is that you can do whatever you like with them, even make money off of them, so long as you do not claim them as your own or try to stop anyone else from doing whatever they want with them.

A copy of the full conditions of GNU Copyleft is available wherever better software is given away.

Do note however that Earthdawn itself belongs to FASA and so there may be some limits on those rights. (I'm not a lawyer, and as I'm not making money on these it is not worth my money to ask one.)

I do not know what the cancellation by FASA will bring to these forms as Earthdawn is now officially a dead game. I will however continue to keep these forms available and accept (eagerly!) any more foreign translations I get.