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Character Creation System

Here is the first pass I'm making at a program to create filled-in character sheets for you. I've grown tired of using Word to create and edit the forms and the minor glitches in how it formats things that cannot be fixed. The below utility is currently targeted only at Unix users, but a forthcoming Windows version will be created. (Though it is in Perl, so anyone with Activestate Perl and PDF::API2 installed should be able to run it.)

The files 'ash' and 'rain' are sample characters. Both have samples output in PDF on Letter paper. Copy one of those files (ash is a warrior, rain is an elementalist and includes the spell page as well as the basic page) to whatever name you like and change the values. Then run ./ filename and if everything works, you get a shiny color PDF of your character. I've also included the font I used if you want to use it. If not, just change the top of the file to whatever font you like. To output in A4, just change the file to add the size in PDF units (72/inch) to $Config{Paper} and set the type to use as $Opt{Paper}.

Included in this release are the converted Earthdawn Character Sheet v5 (For ED2) and the Spell Sheet. Both come only with english translations, but the language file is independant of the form layout. If you wish to port the form to another language, take 'earthdawn-character.en', for example, change the ending to whatever the ISO language code is, and then change the character's file to match that at the top. Mail me back the translations and I'll host them for you.
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