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22.12.99  Hohoho, the santa-neXus has just arrived, I wish erveryone and especially my submitters a wonderful christmas and a happy new year's eve on the brink of the big triple zero.
This time a few updates have take place, some armor have been added to the smithy, namely (Brigadine armor by Jason Wheeler, O-Yori, Elven Mesh and Jal er O�r (Oakskin))
Not to forget the Gypsy discipline by Ole Kjaer.
... and last but not least, Garth's Shoppe is online now :-)
Have fun, the new millenium is yet to come - feedback is appreciated.

01.12.99  Finally the neXus owns a new (not quite correct, it's the first one) links page, I also tried to fix a few broken links and tried to make navigation easier for the visitor.
I hope I've succeeded.
BTW, I skipped the knacks section, I never had many and most of them were only usable when using our house rules.
I won't write a mail to my news-subscribers this time because the updates don't feature any really new material.


19.09.99  Believe it or not I _have_ updated the neXus with the following material:
  • The Golem Section with two new Golems, the Stone (Ole Kjaer) and the infamous Iron Golem.
  • Another monster by Ole Kjaer, the infamous and not-AD&D-like Gorgon.
  • Me, myself and I have come up with the new, incredible, ingenious, utterly disturbing and long sought-after Discipline of the Elemental Miner.
  • The magus has just found the mysteries (looong mysteries, I always take my time to design threaded items) behind the Statue of Cor Hantor.
  • Furthermore I'll not forget the mysterious submitter, who sent me the Malac Rifle and Brent Chambers who submitted yet another unbelievable invention the fore-shield.
  • Finally, our talented weaponsmith Chris the Moody tells you from his newest invention - Zues Bolt - a flashing idea that's for sure.

    I still have a lot of spells to work on so stay tuned...


  • July

    24.07.99  Before I leave for holiday I have packed a special package for you: The Buccaneer discipline.
    Happy holiday, I will be unreachable from 26/7/99 to the 16/8/99. :-}


    30.06.99  Finally the submissions are finished (apart from the spells which will follow). A total of 5 weapons and one new armor have reached the smithy, in alphabetical order: 2hd Windling Sword, Jilta, Multi-Blowgun, Ninja-to, Nunchaku and the eastern style armor by the name of Kabuddo-sai. By the way the Falchion has been revised by its original submitter.
    As far as my work is concerned, I've designed the first named Undead a Lich of tremendous power going by the name of Skhal Rhun.

    17.06.99  Finally the neXus is back - after 3 weeks of downtime due to a diskcrash at the main webserver!

    And I have not been (too) lazy, as you may access a new sub-section, the Twiceborn found in the monster section. Other uploads include, Eshaljin a very powerful horror/dragon-blend and the black pegasus.

    If you use a newer Browser (IE4.01+ or NS4.5+) you'll notice that the neXus has been the target of a CSS-attack, meaning that all files have been updated with cascading style sheets, although the hover effect (the links turn a lighter blue) will only be visible when using the IE or Gecko or some other browser with full (haha) CSS1 implementation.

    To my submitters: I'm currently (meaning: right now) working on your submissions, they should be online next week or so.

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